Monday, January 1, 2018


The pages of the Bible are riddled with incredible stories; stories that will leave thoughtful readers with more questions than answers. Stories which will make one ask ‘how in the world did that happen’ or ‘why is that even there.
We took our time to gather some of these stories and present them for your perusal. There might be others more incredible than these, but at the moment, we got these ones covered.
Below is a list of the top 10 Incredible Bible Stories.

Samson had been arrested and delivered to the Philistines by the men of Judah for making trouble with the Philistines after a wedding went wrong.
He was tied up with two new ropes and delivered to the Philistines, who were thrilled by their supposed victory and capture of their sworn enemy.
As they approached to take him, He was taken over by God’s spirit and he broke the ropes asunder, searched for a weapon and found the jaw bone of a donkey that was recently killed.
With this weapon, it was on the record, he killed 1000 trained Philistine soldiers! How he did that is left to your imagination.
He even left a poem after the slaughter, thus; 
“With the jawbone of a donkey,
I’ve piled them in heaps!
With the jawbone of a donkey,
I’ve killed a thousand men!”

Although great magicians have been able to perform awesome tricks and venture into unbelievable performances, none is recorded to have parted a river in two.
Moses did not only part a sea into two he also brought the flow of water current to, not just, a halt but force them to move, simultaneously, in two opposite directions.
It did not end there as it was also recorded that they passed on ‘dry’ land with walls of water on each side. Picture that!
The Egyptians who were unfortunate to have followed the Israelites into the parted sea were drowned as Moses stretched his hand over the water after every Israelite had safely crossed to the other side.

3. THE 10 PLAGUES (Exodus 7:1 – 11:10)
After Pharaoh had refused to let the Israelites go (owing to God hardening his heart each time he was about to let them go) God decided to visit the Egyptians with a series of punishments, ailments, and sufferings.
They were served 10 punishments, including the death of firstborns of both humans and animals of the Egyptians; one following hotly on the tail of the other.
The incredibility of this story is not in the sicknesses or troubles the Egyptians suffered. It is very important to note that only the Egyptians suffered from these troubles. None of the Israelites was recorded to have suffered these fates.
Secondly, the manner through which the punishments were remedied was awesome through the instrumentality of Moses and Aaron.

It is on record that people have died and lived again, even those that have been buried, most of whom discovering they’ve been buried fought furiously for dear life within the coffin/casket. It is a very horrible thing.
Lazarus was not buried with any sign of life as could be said of those mentioned in the first paragraph. According to one of his sisters, he will be stinking by the time Jesus got to the grave as he had been buried four days earlier after being sick for some time.
Jesus, against Martha’s advice, asked for the stone covering the grave to be removed and commanded the dead Lazarus to come out. It is recorded that the dead did as commanded.

5. JESUS’ TEMPTATIONS (Matthew 4:1-11)
After Jesus had fasted for forty days and nights and was very famished, the devil decided it was the right time to tempt him.
Starting with food (banking on his hunger) and proving his person as the son of God, he metamorphosed into offering Jesus the whole kingdom of the world.
It is important to note that he took Jesus to a ‘very high mountain’ from where he showed him ‘all the kingdoms of the world’ and their glory, promising a bow will make them all his.
Jesus, of course, rebuked and sent him scampering with a quotation from the scripture.
An old man in a bid to please some sex-crazed individuals, who surrounded his house one night, offered them his daughter who was a virgin. But surprisingly, the men rejected this offer vehemently.
What were they after? A handsome Levite and his concubine were being hosted by the man. They expressly asked the man to hand over his guest to them so they can have sex with him.
After many pleas, the guest gave them his concubine who they readily took. All through the night, they abused and raped the woman.
In the morning, she was half dead at the doorpost of the old man’s house. The Levite, without saying or doing anything, takes her home. On arrival, he took a knife and butchered the woman, dividing her into twelve (12) parts which he subsequently sent to all the twelve tribes of Israel.

7. BALAAM’S TALKING DONKEY (Numbers 22:21-30)
Balaam’s donkey had refused to move forward as the man traveled on the animal. So the man decided to beat it with his staff. He did this twice and on the third attempt, the animal spoke.
There are some stories of animals interacting or speaking with humans in the Bible. The case of Balaam stands out because the animal reprimanded his owner.
The animal sought to know why it was being beaten thus “What have I done to you that deserves beating three times?”
Balaam was furious and threatened he would have killed the animal if had had a sword. To this, the animal replied “But I am the same donkey you have ridden all your life, have I ever done anything like this before.

8. ELISHA AND THE BEARS (2 Kings 2:23-25)
Some group of children, who were playing around a road, on seeing a bald-headed man walking on the same road thought it would be very entertaining to make fun of the old baldy. Their first and last mistake, it became.
How wrong the kids were as they chose to play with the wrong guy. Elisha, God’s prophet was very mad and taken aback with the children’s effrontery and barefaced audacity to make a mockery of a prophet and cursed them in God’s name.
Immediately he was done with laying the curse on them, two bears appeared from the bushes near the road and mauled forty-two (42) of them.

Moses and his family were on their way back to Egypt to start the process of requesting for the freedom of his people, the Israelites.
They made a stop at a particular place on the way so as to have some rest. As soon they settled down, God appeared out of the blues and fully intended on killing Moses, for a reason I am unable to grasp.
Thinking fast, Zipporah the wife of Moses immediately circumcised their son and used the foreskin she cut out to touch Moses and God immediately left him. How thoughtful of her.
As to how she knew exactly what to do to save Moses from God, your guess is as good as mine.

10. ONAN’S DISOBEDIENCE (Genesis 38:1-11)
Er, Onan’s brother was killed by God not too long after he got married. He was killed because he was an evil man and God thought it unwise to allow a wicked man to live or even let him impregnate his newly married wife.
It was now mandatory for Onan to impregnate his brother’s wife and raise children for his dead brother.
But each time he had intercourse with the woman, Onan will deliberately not let the woman get pregnant.
God took note of Onan’s disobedient and malicious practice and equally killed him for failing to bear children for his dead evil-brother.

Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright © 1996, 2004. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, Illinois 60189.  All rights reserved.