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Saturday, February 10, 2018

10 Most Despicable Fathers

On April 21, 2017, Aramazd Andressian killed his 5-year-old son in a planned and deliberate murder which included a failed suicide. He was found the next day in a car doused in gasoline and a high dose of prescription drugs in his system.

He pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and was later sentenced to 25 years behind bars for the child's death.

35-year-old Andressian's is not an isolated case as we are going to see further on this list.

In an earlier list, we featured ten mothers who brought motherhood quite low. In this list, we will look at 10 fathers who tainted fatherhood by their actions or inactions.

1. Sexias Boesak

In September 2017, Sexias appeared at a Johannesburg Magistrate Court for the murder of his five-year0old son, Caleb Ouman. He did beat and tortured the boy to death. It was believed that the boy died from internal bleeding.

“I got there and found the little boy blue, and battered on his entire body. There were cigarette burns on his entire abdominal area," she said. I covered him with my jacket so that nobody could see." When I got there, Sexias told me that the boy was sick, and later changed his story, saying he had fallen down the stairs." said DA ward Councillor Rashieda Landis.

According to Landis, it was the boy's three-year-old sister, who intimated her on what actually happened to her brother. She witnessed her brother being beaten to death by their father.

Although the man had been jailed earlier on for abusing the said boy child, he was released under shady circumstance before he committed the murder.

2. Babatope Owoseni

In 2013, Babatope was arrested in East Orange, New Jersey for the alleged murder of his nine months pregnant wife. She had been strangled to death.

After pleading guilty to aggravated manslaughter, he later changed his plea to 'not guilty' claiming that his last attorney did not provide him with certain material. He was sentenced to 16 years behind bars.

The unborn child died as a result of the attack.

3. Naa

In his quest to acquire wealth by every means, regardless of the consequences therein, a resident of Ankaase, a farming community close to Derma, Brong Ahafo Region in Ghana did the unthinkable.

28 July 2009 residents of the farming community were shocked to discover that Naa's fourteen-year-old son had gone missing and simultaneously, Naa had been busy gulping alcohol and boasting of how he would become very rich in a very short while.

On being interrogated by the people and police, Naa revealed that he had beheaded his son and hopes to use the boys head for money ritual. He had chased away the boy's mother and their two-year-old son in other to freely carry out his evil plan.

4. Paul Deya

Barely two years after settling in their flat in Lynton Road on the Lynton Estate, Bermondsey, Southwark London, a seemingly happy and easy-going Kenyan family had a very bad turn of events.

Paul Deya attacked his family with a knife, slashing throats and wreaking havoc. He stabbed his four-year-old son to death, left his wife with a deep cut on the throat but their youngest child suffered no harm.

He went on to stab himself severally, probably in an attempt to kill himself. It was said that Paul got into a rage after his wife, 28-year-old, Jacqueline Otieno asked for a separation. He was later charged with the child's murder.

5. Jude Paulinus Nwandu

At about 11 p.m. on September 12, 1996, Paulinus murdered his wife during a heated argument in their home in Inglewood, California. During their time, their five daughters watched!

Nwandu, who was unemployed must have lived at the mercy and benevolence of his wife.

Nwandu had hit her with a flashlight before choking her with his bare hands. The woman who was on the bulky side, proved difficult to lift, so Nwandu tied her by the ankles to the back of his van and dragged her through their neighborhood, probably in a bid to dispose of her.

He was arrested after a long chase by the police. In 2008, he was sentenced to 28 years for the crime.

6. Philip Ben

A Nigerian woman had noticed that the 12-year-old daughter of her neighbor looked pregnant in July 2010. On questioning, the girl confirmed the woman's suspicion. On being questioned further, the girl confessed that her 50-year-old father, Philip, was responsible for her pregnancy.

On being confronted, the man agreed he had had sex with the girl on few occasions after. He claimed, she seduced him. Contrary to the girl's statement that he was the first person that had sex with her, the man said that his daughter had other boyfriends and had been having sex before then.

According to him, he returned home from work one day, finding his daughter stark naked, she seduced him and the devil pushed him.

7. Oko Annan

In 1998, Oko Annan, a Ghanaian driver had divorced his wife and got custody of their children.

While his children - a boy and girl, aged 12 and 10, respectively - were sleeping on the floor of their apartment, Oko lifted his daughter unto his bed and had sex with her. He did this severally and each time, threatened to slit her throat and throw her body into the river if she mentioned the assault to anyone. The child ran to her mother after becoming fed up.

He then turned to the boy and started anally penetrating him till he also ran away. After hearing from the children, their mother took the matter to the police.

Although the evidence against him was overwhelming, Oko pleaded 'not guilty' to having an incestuous relationship with his daughter and unnatural carnal knowledge of his son.

8. Heinz

A German teenager, Sandra who had been searching for her father was very hopeful when she finally connected with him in 2009, but that turned out to be the genesis of her nightmares.

She had flown from Germany to meet him in South Africa where he lived. As they were watching DVDs, Heinz, first held and stroked his daughter's back. Then he started touching her all over before he ordered her to take off her clothes.

When she refused, he produced a knife and threaten to kill her. He proceeded to cut off her clothes with the knife. From then on she was raped thrice every night and prevented from going out over a period time before being rescued after she passed an SOS note to someone.

9. Unnamed South African Father

In 2003, a South African father and his daughter shared the same computer at home. While working on the computer, he noticed that the child visits a particular chatroom regularly.

He saw that as an avenue to actualize something sinister; a desire of having sex with his 11-year-old daughter.

He joined the chatroom under a pseudonym, convinced the little girl that having sex with her father wasn't bad. When she gave in, he raped and sexually abused her for years.

10. Unnamed Zimbabwean Man

On 8th of February 2003, a Zimbabwean man's emotions were running high because he discovered that his teenage daughter already has a boyfriend. In a 'supposed' punishment attempt, he took her to the boyfriend's house.

On getting there, the man who was supposed to issue warnings and (or) discipline the lads, ordered them to remove their clothes and have sex in his presence!

They did as commanded but the 41-year-old man was not fed up as he pulls them apart some minutes into the act and started raping the girl. He took the girl home after he was done.