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Thursday, March 22, 2018

5 People Who Terrorized Onitsha And Environs

This first picture depicts members of the dreaded gang that made life unbearable for Onitsha dwellers. They were led by Derico Nwamama.

Before now, the city of Onitsha and its environs were at the mercy of a ton of criminal elements. Armed robbers, kidnappers, pickpockets scammers, and ritualists.

While Onitsha, you can never be too careful as any security slip on your part will immediately turn you into a victim of a depraved society.

We will consider, in no particular order, some of the players who stood at the center of these social unbecoming.


Okwudili Ndiwe (aka Derico Nwamama)
Image Source: Torimill
The name Okwudiri Ndiwe might not ring so much of a bell in your ear, but if you've never heard of Derico Nwamama, I will assume you stopped seeing Nollywood movies before I was born.

Starting just as a simple street urchin, then a pickpocket, Derico would later metamorphose into the devil himself. It came to the level where the mention of his sent everyone scampering for safety.

He was known by many but none dared rat him out. His rise in the underworld is attributed to a fallout with his friend and boss, Chiejine. After killing Chiejine and celebrated as a hero, Derico turned to be worse than his former boss.

"He was described as the personification of terror. From Nnewi to Nkpor, down to Onitsha, up to Asaba, from the villages in Umuleri to towns in Ihiala, the old and the young, Men, women and Children were terrified at the mere whisper of Derico Nwamama." wrote Naija Core.

He, reportedly, took the lives of 200 persons, including 25 police officers. He was just 22 when he was publicly executed by the dreaded Bakassi Boys. His life and times were later made into movies, which highlighted, mostly, his wickedness and death.


Chiejina was Derico's boss in the world of crime. He was feared and very dreadful.

At one time, Chiejina, acting on a reliable tipoff had gone to rob a home with his gang but was told by the man of the house that there was no money at home.

It was said that "Chiejina became so enraged that he grabbed the man’s 4months old son, threatened to throw the baby from a 3 storey building, and when the man and his wife weren’t forthcoming with his demands, he flung the baby from 3 storey building and shot the man twice in the head!"

He died at the hands of Derico after he killed the latter's father following an altercation.


Prophet Edwin Okeke (aka Eddy Okeke) was the founder and spiritual leader of Anioma Healing Center situated in his compound in Nawgu, Dunukofia LGA of Anambra State.

From his base at the Healing Center, he reportedly engaged in many shady and atrocious activities. They ranged from human sacrifices to aiding and abetting kidnappers and armed robbers.

"In the year 1999/2000, Eddie, the self-proclaimed prophet of God had become a person of interest in numerous crimes committed not only in the community but across Anambra state as a whole. As a result, he had begun to attract the attention of the Bakassi Boys; a vigilante security group which was set-up and spearheaded under the tenure of Chinwoke Mbadinuju, former governor of Anambra state, as anarchy had soaked deep into the land." wrote Wikipedia.

After evading the Bakassi Boys for a record 13 times, he was caught on the 14th attempt. He, allegedly, made a confessional statement linking him to ritual killings and human sacrifices.

He was later beheaded, jungle justice style, by the Bakassi Boys.


These men with many others were supposed to be the custodians of the culture, tradition and religious heritage of the people of Okija. But, apparently, greed did not let them do their work honestly.

On August 5, 2004, Nigerians were greeted with horror stories emanating from the enclaves of these men and the shrine they kept at Okija. A team of policemen led by the Commander of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Anambra State, CSP Gabriel Haruna, and the State Police Commissioner and recovered 20 human skulls, 50 corpses with some still very fresh.


Image Source: stelladimokokorkus.com
It will seem awkward that the almighty and beloved Bakassi Boys would make a list of people that terrorized Onitsha. But, Yes, they actually did.

Preceding the months that marked the real departure of the Bakassi Boys, reports of their shady dealings were flying left, right, front and back. Amongst others, they were accused of being tools through which the then governor of Anambra State, Mr. Chinwoke Mbadinuju, eliminated his political enemies.

"In July 2000, the Mbadinuju disastrous regime signed the Anambra Vigilante Service Law No 9 of 2000, making the State the first extra-legal/judicial killing and torture State in Nigeria. Between July 10, 2000, and September 22, 2002, Anambra State was turned into a killing field and torture chambers. 

The lynching of a citizen accused of minor legal infraction or involvement in civil dispute usually got the attention and presence of the said governor and members of his cabinet. Suspects were tortured and lynched few meters away from the governor’s office in Awka, the state capital city. 

At the end, over 4,000 unprocessed suspects (excluding over 1,500 slaughtered by OTA Killer squad)including those in business, family and land disputes; those accused of pick-pocketing and other petty crimes; those involved in landlord/tenant disputes; married and unmarried women who refused to sleep with Bakassi operatives; and opponents of the then disastrous government, were massacred. 

Also, thousands, if not in their tens of thousands, were tortured, both physically and psychologically, and out of every five citizens who came in contact with the Bakassi Boys, five were tortured and three out of the five slaughtered. 

The Bakassi Boys’ modus operandi was kill-and-burnt to ashes. Rape was also very high among the two deadly squads created and funded by the then disastrous government of Anambra State.", wrote News Express Nigeria