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Monday, April 9, 2018

5 Examples of How University Students Are Treated With Disdain

Schools, including institutions of higher learning, are supposed to be grounds for nurturing and molding future leaders and great minds. They are therefore expected to be exemplary in all their dealings within and outside their walls and especially in their relationships with their students.

Over time, this is not always the case as we have seen cases where universities handle their students' as lowly animals, sometimes, animals get better treatments.

Recently, the social media was awash with stories of how the University Of Ibadan evicted medical students after they protested against hike in school fees. These students were made to sleep outside. There is also a recent report that Covenant University shaved a student's hair for being 'bushy'.

1. Compulsory Laptop Fees

In 2015, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) made it mandatory for all freshmen to purchase a laptop from the school at N75,000 per student or lose admission. This mandate did not, however, take into consideration whether the students or their parents can afford such luxury or if they (students) really needed one as some already have their own laptops. This led to protests across the school and the VC agreed to allow installment payment.

However, that is a minor case when compared with the amount students of most private institutions are forced to pay for equivalent laptops, according to the VC of UNN, Prof Benjamin C. Ozulumba.

2. Lecturers' highhandedness

"A is for God; B is for me; C is for the super serious students, and blah, blah, blah".
Many students and graduates of Nigerian schools are conversant with the above statement or statements related to it.

These are the words of lecturers promising their students that no matter how hard or smart they study, they can never make first class.

A student said, "...the first thing they told us during orientation was that it won't be possible for us to make first-class that the highest we can get is 2.1 and it will require a first-class effort to even get that".

"For instance, in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife and Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, students strongly hold the views that some lecturers derive pleasure in inflicting academic pains on students they suspect would break or set a new record", wrote pulse.

3. Gagging of Student Unions

The student unions in schools exist, primarily, as an interface, a middleman, and point of connection between students and the schools' administration. They request for and get the better bargain for the students as a body in matters concerning them and the school leadership.

But often times, they are seen as powerless, ineffective and mere tools through which the school monitors, witchhunts and punishes students who dared to ask for more, like Oliver Twist.

When these unions try to live up to their expectation, they get severe punishment from the school authorities.
In February 2018, Uniben rusticated the Student Union Government (SUG) President and four others for allegedly leading a protest against the increase in various fees in the institution. This is just one of many of such cases across the various universities.

4. Absurd Rules and Regulations

When one leaves primary and secondary schools, it is agreed that one is almost an adult as the things he/she has learned so far are capable of establishing them in life if they are purposeful and industrious. But this is far from the truth in Nigeria as undergraduates are treated like kindergartens. i.e. prohibition of clothes made from a particular material "...among several other regulations, the university prohibits the wearing of jeans materials within the school and halls of residence", wrote punch newspaper.

Continuing, Punch reported that "At the Joseph Ayo Babalola University, there is a rule against a male student hugging his female colleague after 7pm. Any male student caught is forced to undergo community service.

For Covenant University students, they are to abide with a number of regulations which include the non-wearing of jeans, or jeans-like materials like chinos, corduroy, alanshi, leggings, transparent chiffons and clothes termed as ‘diabolic materials".

5.Extortion and daylight robbery

The issue of extortion in Nigerian universities is as bad as the corruption in her public sector. You must ball with the powers that be or suffer for refusing.

From extortion via handouts to the outright exchange of money for scores, students' effort at studying hard is made to look useless. Some girls are forced to have sex with lecturers or risk failing.

In 2015 Pulse Ng reported that "the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASSU), Makurdi chapter has urged the Federal Government to take steps to check the arbitrary extortion of students by the administrators of Nigerian universities who have turned the universities to personal estates, to forestall a major crisis in the system".

In 2017, Daily Post equally reported that "the Governing Council of the Delta State University (DELSU), Abraka, has sacked 10 lecturers and eight non-teaching junior staffs for extortion, sexual harassment, and gross misconduct, among others.
According to a statement signed by the University Registrar and Secretary to the University’s Senate, Daniel Urhibo, which was published on the school’s website, 17 other staff were warned for plagiarism".