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Monday, April 23, 2018

5 People Who Betrayed Their Friends

Some people claim to love and care for their friends, but deep within them, they mean harm and will waste no time in doing the unbelievable when the opportunity presents itself. No wonder they say that "not everyone that comes close to you is a friend".

In this write-up, we will look at some of these people.

1. Unnamed Pastor In Afam, Rivers State

A pastor (name withheld) betrayed the trust of his church members and the entire community of Afam, Rivers State when he murdered three persons - his girlfriend, another church member and the nine-month-old baby girl of his lover, identified as Christabel Joseph.

The pastor's late lover, Uloma Onweagbo, in the company of another lady, Ada Ezeawa, had gone to confront the pastor over the pregnancy that resulted from their sexual relationship. She had her young daughter strapped to her back.

According to the Rivers Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr. Cyril Okoro, on being confronted by the ladies, "the pastor ingeniously separated his accusers, by luring Ada Ezeawa to an uncompleted building, while he told Onweagbo to stay three “poles” away". While in the uncompleted building, he strangled her to death.

He then took the other two victims to an isolated bush where he murdered his lover, suffocating her using the wrapper with which she strapped her baby to the back. The baby was equally found dead.

2. Corporal Bala Adamu

For 'catching' a fellow officer in a conversation with his lover, a policeman, Cpl. Bala Adamu shot dead his colleague in Gulak town, Madagali area of Adamawa State.

The deceased, Sergeant Emmanuel Timothy, according to reports, bought local gin worth N100 from the lady and asked her to add the payment to the former debt he owed her, but the woman would have none of that. As they argued about it, Bala appeared on the scene warning his colleague to stay away from his woman, a heated altercation ensued.

Before one could say, Jack, Bala lifted his rifle and fired a shot at the other officer, killing him at the spot as it was a close-range shot.

3. Rume Eni

A lady got the shock of her life when her closest friend, identified as Rume Eni, snatched her abroad based boyfriend.

According to witnesses, the lady had been in the relationship with the guy for about four years and all the while had kept her close friend in the know of how the affair was going.

But before she could know what the time was saying, she got news that her beloved friend is engaged to and about to be married to her boyfriend; talk about the devil.

4. Farida Bashir Ikara

According to the lady, identified as Aisha Laah, she could not stand the betrayal of her friend who snatched the man she was supposed to marry.

She said that she trusted the betrayal and never knew that she can do such a thing to her.

 The betrayal has left many people shocked. But, the heartbroken lady has decided to leave everything to God.

5. Mary Konye

Naomi Oni, a 25-year-old Nigeria lady was left scarred for life when her trusted friend, Mary Konye threw acid in her face.

She was nearly blind when her 22-year-old best friend dressed in a veil, followed her from work before attacking her with acid.

Reports had it that Mary had been driven wild with jealousy over her friend's good looks, and decided to make her very ugly, or dead - those are what acid baths do.

 While the Police were still hunting for the attacker, Mary sent her victim sympathetic messages as the new BBC3 documentary revealed.

Mary even attended Naom's 21st birthday party.