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Thursday, April 12, 2018

5 Unbelievable Confessions Of Men Seeking Divorce

At least one couple heads to court each week in Nigeria to seek nothing else but the dissolution of their marriage for one reason or another. They always claim they can't continue. One partner may be the one seeking this but sometimes both do ask for a divorce.

We will look at 5 unbelievable confessions of men who were in courts for divorce. It doesn't matter, to us, who initiated the court proceedings, we just want to look at the unbelievable confessions of these five men.

1. "My Wife Is Dating My Brother And Our Pastor" -Mr. Kolawole

After chancing on unbecoming text messages exchanged between his wife and their pastor and also 'catching' her with his brother in a hotel,  Kolawole Okeeyi confronted her. Although she pleaded with him, the pastor dared the husband to do his worst.

He also related that she was after his life after he was accosted by gun-toting men on two different occasions. He was abducted on the second attempt and lost his car to the kidnappers. He had to run away from home, squat with a friend from where he sought the divorce.

2. "My HIV Positive Wife Brings Her Lovers Into Our Bed" -Emeka

Emeka Ndu, regardless of all entreaties not to marry Ella, went on with the marriage. According to him, he loved her so much.

Even on discovering she was HIV Positive, that did not bother him as well, because, again his love for her was so much he could not let her go.

According to him, he later discovered that she was not only a liar and a thief, but was also a cheat. She goes as far as bringing her lovers into their bed to make love with them.

He also revealed that she had a landed property when all the money-earning work she did was take care of his shop.

3. "She Is A Serial Divorcee" -Rufus

47-year-old Rufus Otegbola had been married to his wife, Funmilayo for 13 whole years and it was only reccently, in 2018, that he 'discovered' she is a serial divorcee.

He went to tell the court he is actually her fifth husband.

“My wife is adulterous and a serial divorcee. She had married and divorced four husbands before I married her. Funmilayo is diabolical and fetish. She always comes home with charms and my fear is that she may kill me one day if I do not end the marriage", Rufus told the court.

4. "My Wife Denies Me Sex, But Freely Gives To My Church Members" -Pastor Joshua

In April 2018, a pastor, Joshua Ibeneme approached a Lagos based court to put an end to his 21-year-old marriage to Uzoamaka who he alleged had sex with two of his church members, including a 'Bishop'

According to Daily Post, “My wife had sexual affair with two of my church members, a deacon, and a bishop. Both were boasting telling my other members that they slept with my wife because she enticed them.

“Whenever I return from a trip, my last born always tells me that men came to pick and drop my wife. Even God told me to divorce her or else she will destroy my ministry,” he claimed.

5. "The 12-Year-Old Is My Girlfriend" -Lawal

Though this was not supposed to be on this list, I couldn't resist the temptation of putting it here.

27-year-old Lawal Abubakar was standing trial for the alleged abduction and rape of a 12-year-old girl when he openly told the court that the was his girlfriend.

It was alleged that he abducted and had sex with the minor over a three-day period while the girl's parents were away. For the three days of the abduction, he kept her in his house.