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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

5 Unpalatable Stories From Kenya

Many of us are aware of Kenya's athletics prowess but not all are intimate with their weird activities and news stories.

The country formerly known as the East Africa Protectorate has always made the news, in recent times for the weirdest of reasons.

A week does not go by without one unbelievable story being churned out of this East African country.

We will look at five of such stories.

1. Man Raped Goats To Death

On January 15, 2018, the African cyberspace was awash with the story of how a Kenyan man raped two goats to death.

"The story is of Munyao from Kinyai village Kangundo constituency, Machakos County who was arrested after he allegedly conducted beastility on the two goats until they died", wrote Standard Media.

Although many Kenyans found the act condemnable, others saw it as hilarious or outright unbelievable. Kenyans on twitter had a busy day discussing the incidence.

2. Mother Defended Her Incestuous Husband And Daughter

In April 2018, a Kenyan man and his daughter were caught in an unholy entanglement when they were found having sex.

According to the eye-witness who saw them, the girl was on the top of the father who lay on his back so this rules out rape or any form of force; it was consentaneous.

The main twist of the story occurred when the mother of the family, who was away, was informed of what was happening back home. She revealed she was aware and warned the informant to mind her business.

3. Man Rapes Two Hens To Death

This is another case of animal rape; seems these guys have a thing for brutalizing animals.

"The man identified as Alfred Kipkemoi was reported by E-daily Kenya to have stolen the chicken belonging to his neighbour from their cage on January 20. Thereafter, the man reportedly engaged in the bestial act with the poultry animals, resulting in their death", wrote Concise News.

4. Cheating Couple Gets Stuck During Sex

Penis Captivus! Yeah, that is the name of the phenomenon where the muscles of the vaginal wall clamps and firmly holds the penis during sex such that withdrawal becomes impossible.

However, the prevalence of this phenomena in Kenya is very alarming and almost every year, we hear of cheating Kenyan couples getting stuck while sweating it out. They attribute this to magic.

"This particular incident, according to the report, happened on Tuesday, April 4, 2017, in a hotel called Plan B in Chwele Town in the  Bungoma County of Kenya, after the couple called for help when they could not disentangle after having sex.

The woman, according to witnesses, is said to have been married for five years with two children", Wrote pulse.

5. Man Murdered Wife, Had Carnal Knowledge of Their Daughter

A 38-year-old man was arrested after his wife succumbed to injuries that resulted from the severe beatings he gave her.

He, allegedly, raped their 14-year-old daughter who attempted to help the wife during her ordeal.

"According to the police, trouble started when the man accused his wife of embarrassing him by borrowing Sh50 from a neighbor to buy omena which they had for dinner.

Police said the woman had just delivered 2 weeks earlier and was still physically weak when the incident occurred", wrote the Nairobi News.