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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

5 Old Nigerian Movies That Are A Must Watch

Nollywood which can be loosely said to mean Nigeria's brand of Hollywood has become a household name in many parts of the world where Nigerian movies are enjoyed. Nollywood has come to stay and will continue to do so.

It didn't start making movies today, so we decided to go way back in time and dig up some old Nollywood movies you should check out.

Below are our choicest five among the best. They're, to us, best of the best. You can add yours in the comment section.

1. Living In Bondage

Living In Bondage is, unarguably, the first direct-to-video movie ever released by Nollywood. As a result of this, it is regarded by many as the beginning of the boom in Nigeria video film era which 20-year anniversary celebration in 2013 sparked lots of controversies.

In the movie, produced in 1992, Andy Okeke (Kenneth Okonkwo) became mentally ill after he had used his beloved wife for money rituals; the kind that many movies that would follow continued to appraise.

2. Igodo

Igodo: Land of the Living Dead is a sad story of a community that suffered and continued to suffer for the ills done by their ancestors, many years after the evil deed was concocted and carried out.

Released in 1999, the movie which was directed by Andy Amanechi featured stars like Pete Edochie, Norbert Young, Sam Dede, Charles Okafor, Obi Madubogwu, Chidi Mokeme and many others featured a travel by seven men into the unknown to get a sacred knife to help the dying community.

3. Most Wanted

A group of jobless and unemployed ladies figured that they could actually commit crimes of robbery undetected by disguising as men during each operation thereby misleading investigators who would then go about looking for male robbers.

This they did successfully on many occasions. The music then changed when one of the gang members fell in love with one of the police officers on their trail.

Produced by Dozie Eriobu and directed by Tunde Bamishigbin in 1996, the action-filled Most Wanted had the likes of Ibinabo Fiberisima and Liz Benson.

4. Aki na Ukwa

Aki (Palm Kernel) and Ukwa (Breadfruit) was the tale of two flies whose ears and reasoning had been sacrificed to dogs and would, therefore, act without thinking.
In the movie, Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze scared and disturbed the daylight out of their father (Amechi Muonagor). They made every day a living hell for him.
Aki na Ukwa was produced in 2003 and directed by Amayo Uzo Phillips.

5. Osuofia in London

Donatus, late brother of legendary village-never-do-well (Osuofia) willed everything to him and as a matter of law, Osuofia had to travel to London to lay claim. It is comedy galore right from the village and throughout his stay in London.

Osuofia in London, written and directed by Kingsley Ogoro was released in 2003, featured Nkem Owoh as the main character. Other stars in the movie were Francis Odega and Cynthia Okereke. The comic film remains among the highest grossing of all Nigerian movies.