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Write And Get Paid

Write And Get Paid Top 10 List Listclan.com

Are you interested in getting paid for being part of this community?
Do you want to be paid for what you ordinarily do for free on Facebook and other social networks?
Are you a Nigerian?

Come close. Listclan will pay you a little token for contributing to the growth of the young platform. Presently, we will pay you N2000 (Two thousand Naira, only) for your efforts, love, and contribution towards the platform.

We are not in search of professional writers. you just have to write comprehensibly, be humorous and have an eye for the interesting things of life; things that will grasp the attention of our readers.

To earn a little extra cash, while doing the things you love, write your list of a minimum of 5 entries and submit it here. If it measures up to our standard (don't worry, it is not too much of a standard), we will acknowledge it. And pay you in your Nigerian Bank Account (which you will include while submitting) as soon as the list goes live on our site. If not, we'll still reply and tell you why.

See our guidelines below BEFORE submitting a list.


  • Presently, we only have room for contributors who are from Nigeria.
  • Your list MUST be original (not copied or re-blogged) and MUST not be found on another blog or site.
  • It MUST have a minimum of 5 entries and word limit MUST be, at least, 600 words.
  • It MUST have an introductory part that will precede your entries.
  • Reliable links, which prove the veracity of facts in your entries MUST be put under each one.
  • Your list MUST have Africa at heart and in mind. It MUST speak of Africa (good or bad, it doesn't matter).
  • You may submit anonymously or using your Google account.

Acceptable lists include mysteries, twists, offbeat, hidden knowledge, misconceptions, and astounding general knowledge. 

We, however, do not accept lists on gaming, gambling, personal stories,  self-help and blogging tutorial.

To submit a list, use our Contact Us Page or the Contact Form on the Right Side Bar.

Submit Using This Format 

Input your full name in the Name Box, Email in the Email Box and every other thing in the Message box.

Terms And Conditions

  • On reception of payment from us, the article becomes the sole property of listclan. You cannot repost or use it on another website or blog.
  • Submission of an article is a one-time transaction with us and will not in any way grant a guest writer any form of partnership. It is not a partnership when you submit an artice. It is a one time trade.